Tips on preventing Lyme Disease

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A tick bite can seem harmless but shouldn't go ignored.

"Anywhere that there is a tick there is a possibility of being bit by a tick," said Lou Kreidler, Director of Health for the Wichita County Health District.
Deer ticks can carry Lyme Disease and are most commonly found in wooded areas.

The people most likely to get the disease?
"People that are out in the woods whether they're out camping and they go hiking or they're out on a deer leaves deer hunting any of those," said Kreidler.

Brandon Edwards has spent most his life camping, hiking, and even backpacking.

He has been bitten by a tick more than once.

"5 to 10 times where I've had ticks and that's never fun when that happens," said Edwards.

The father of 2 never thought much about the disease.
"I know of its existence however I've never been worried in and of itself," said Edwards.

The first sign of Lyme is a red rash that resembles a bulls eye.

It can sometimes even lead to joint pain or high fever.

The disease can be completely treatable.

"Lyme disease can be easily treated with an antibiotic if its treated early," said Kreidler.

The most common place to find a tick is on your legs and feet.

This is because many people do not wear the right kind of shoes when outdoors.

"I always try and make sure your socks your pants are even tucked into your socks so the more you cover on yourself the better it's going to be," said Edwards.

Another way you can protect yourself is with bug spray, specifically something with Deet.

Health experts saying it keeps off ticks just like other bugs.

When I asked Edwards if he was concerned about his children catching Lyme disease when playing outside?

"Parents always live in little fears of things like that," said Edwards.  "I try not to live that way as much but I believe it's important for parents especially to constantly be monitoring because kids are not good at telling you at times when they're feeling bad or when something is not right."