Family member of alleged Clarence Swegheimer victim speaks out

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - A family member who claims their loved one's were sexually abused by Clarence Swegheimer is speaking out.
Swegheimer was sentenced to life in prison last week for sexually abusing a Burkburnett girl.
Newschannel 6 talked with a woman who said she also knows this man.
We are keeping her anonymous to protect the identity of her family members.
She said her sisters were sexually abused by him and he tried "things" with her nieces but nothing happened.
She wants others to have the courage to speak up if they are in a similar situation.
"He got high one time on marijuana and said that he married my mother only because he had a bet with his friend Randy to see who could get my sister in bed quicker," she said. "And he figured if he married my mom, he could do that."
At his trial, many people came forward to testify against Swegheimer.
"I didn't realize at the time that he was molesting my sisters," she said. "I wish I would have known. But I did not know that. We had found out that he tried things with my nieces, who were very little. They were around 5 and 6-years-old."
She said their family has never recovered, something that Denise Roberts, the Executive Director of Patsy's House, said is a common pattern among victims.
"I think when something like this happens as a child, it definitely changes the filter of which you see the world," Roberts said. "And how your going to process and handle and make decisions in your life."
When this woman heard Swegheimer had been sentenced to life, she was relieved.
"I was ecstatic because of all the hurt he has put on other people," she said. "It is a relief to know that no one else is going to be victimized by him."
She is speaking up in hopes it may save another child.
"Education is huge," Roberts said. "And awareness so they know that's how we are going to stop, in part, this type of thing from happening."
"I just hope that this helps other people to come forward," the family member said. "Not even just in his case, but in all cases."
The woman said if she had a message for Swegheimer, it would be that he got what he deserved and it was long over due.
She adds that she feels bad for all of the victims, but hopes his sentence of life in prison brings them some closure.
Last week Swegheimer was found guilty on two counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault against a Child and four counts of Indecency with a Child.
Prior to the trial, he was facing 14 total sexual abuse charges.

If your child has recently been a victim of sexual assault, you can report it to Patsy's House or your local police department.

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