Wichita Falls PD motor officers among the best in Texas

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Wichita Falls Police Department won four awards at the annual Capitol of Texas Police Motorcycle competition last weekend.

They said their tough training is the reason they're among the state's best.

They're out on the streets and patrolling the roads. Wichita Falls motorcycle officers make the roads safe using skills they learned.

"We're observant, watching traffic, and pay attention to our surroundings," Officer Justin Whisenthunt said.

He's been a motor officer for more than 20 years. He's one of the few to make it out of the grueling two-week training source.

"There's a 50 to 60 percent failure rate," Off. Whisenhunt said.

He said his love for motorcycles started as a kid.

"When I became a police officer and they had the motorcycle unit, I knew that's something I always wanted to do," Off. Whisenhunt said.

He said they always keep an eye out for anyone breaking the laws.

"We're looking for speeders, people failing to not stop at stop signs, running traffic lights, enforcing the school zones," Off. Whisenhunt said.

They also keep an eye out for anyone possibly caring anything illegal.

"If they're traveling usually by themselves, or with another person and they don't have any luggage in the vehicle but yet they're coming from California, Colorado or some other state," Off. Whisenhunt said.

The officers drive a BMW 1200 RT which can reach up to speeds more than 120mph.

The motor officers maintain their skills by going through a two-day training class every year.

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