Texas Senate trying to keep local law enforcement alive

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Police officers, State troopers and Sheriff's deputies have one of the most dangerous jobs on the streets.
They know the risks they face when they go to work.
"We had 144 officers killed in the United States last year," Wichita Falls police officer Jeff Hughes said. "63 of those killed in the line of duty were killed by gunfire."
26 have been killed in 2017, seven by gunfire.
The Texas Senate is trying to help keep them alive.
They recently approved a bill that would provide additional bulletproof vests for law enforcement.
It was prompted by the ambush-style murders of five Dallas police officers on July 7th, 2016.
Local law enforcement is happy that the state is taking notice of the dangerous job.
Officer Hughes said the department is happy the Senate is taking action.
"A $25 million dollar grant that is possibly going to put 50,000 law enforcement officers in vests across the state of Texas, that's a good thing," Officer Hughes said.
They are not the only one's that are happy.
Wichita County Sheriff David Duke said that anything the state does to help law enforcement he supports 100 percent.
He added the safety of his deputies is paramount.
Michael Dozier, the Police Chief of Electra, agrees, adding it is a good bill for the smaller agencies like
The state Senate is hoping the measure passes through the house and is signed by the Governor for the safety of the men and woman in blue.
"Law enforcement is a very dangerous job," Officer Hughes said. "So any type of bill, grant, or law that is going to help keep officers safe out there on the streets, it's going to be a positive thing."
The Senate approved two more law enforcement measures.
One would designate July 7th as an annual day of remembrance for officers killed in the line of duty.
The other would provide tax exemptions for surviving family members of first responders killed on the job.
The final bill would also create a "blue alert system" to advise the public about suspects if they injured or wounded a police officer.
Each measure is now going to the house for consideration.

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