East Texan not giving up even if bathroom bill fails

TROUP, TX (KAUZ) - An East Texan who was in Austin Tuesday says he's still going to push for the bathroom bill even if it fails.

Gregory Fleck, with New Creation Foundation in Troup, counts himself among those supporting the bill for the security of loved ones and fellow citizens.

Fleck tells us even though there may be concerns from those opposing the bill, in his opinion, supporting it is the right thing to do.

"The end game is nothing more than to just have a privacy bill," says Fleck.

Privacy and safety for his family and others is what's driving Pastor Fleck with New Creation Foundation out of Troup to back the bill.

"Whatever bathroom, whatever changing room, whatever shower room that they're in, that they do not have to feel threatened by a male being in that room," says Fleck.

Fleck was in Austin at the capitol last week, and while he didn't get to speak, he did watch some of last week's committee vote.

"It was long; it was back and forth," says Fleck.

Those like LGBT community member Hannah Morris say this bill acts as discrimination for people who are transgender.

"This bill puts them at risk by exposing their privacy when you expose the transgender status of another individual; that is a violation of their privacy," says Morris.

Morris doesn't agree with the claim some make about safety issues among the transgender community.

"Transgender people are not trying to get into the restroom to do bad things; they're trying to pee and get out," says Morris.

Morris points to non-transgender men.

"Cisgender men are committing all these crimes that people are saying we're doing and we're not," says Morris.

"As a minister, we're called to love everyone, we're called to love each other like Christ loved us, and that's what we intend to do. But we also desire that the common decency and safety be provided for both sexes."

"Does this fall under the umbrella of loving everybody? Because they would argue that this acts discriminatory against them."

"It's a personal opinion, it's a personal idea, it's a personal feeling. I do believe that it's the right thing to do for the safety," says Fleck.

If the Bill passes in the expected senate vote Wednesday, it could still face a tough battle in the house.

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