Local ranchers raise money for panhandle

ARCHER COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Ranchers filled the show room at the Wichita Livestock Sales and Company with a goal.

"We gathered up some animals, some baked goods, and stuff," said owner Billy Easter.
"We wanted to come out and support the ranchers and farmers in the panhandle," said Rancher William Winter.
Winter remembers what it is like to lose everything, seeing devastation himself in 1987 when a tornado ripped through his ranch.
"There was just a flock of people that came out and built fences and all that stuff," said Winter.

Winter bought 1000 pound of cattle feed Wednesday.  The winning bid? $400.

"I would have made a cash donation if I hadn't got something at the auction," said Winter.
"These Ag guys a lot of these ranchers and farmers," said Easter.  "They are pretty generous."
Easter has been running Wichita Livestock Sales and Company for 16 years and said he can always depend on the ranching community in a time of need.
"Just a matter of giving their money everybody is giving some of our abundance for people that have lost a lot of stuff and it's going to take them a while to get back together," said Easter.

The reason why?
"All ranchers are just like brotherhood and the good lord wants the fortunate people to help people that have unfortunate incidences," said Winter.
"It's the Christian thing to do it's kind of the Texan thing to do it's kind of the cowboy thing to do you know I mean just wanted to help somebody," said Easter.  "Some people were hurt really bad and you know maybe we'll do some good with it."

More than $12,000 was raised for victims in the panhandle.