New businesses bring life to downtown

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Amber Schacter the new owner of "The Yard", said now is the best time for downtown.

"We are in a renaissance in Wichita Falls right now," said Schacter.  "We're really coming back to who we are as a city."

The renaissance has Jeannette Charos at Downtown Development excited.

She said the area is one of a kind.
"You can't go anywhere else in the city and have that downtown feel," said Charos.  "A lot of these buildings have been here a long time so you get the neat architecture it just has a completely different feel from anywhere else."
"People want to live and work and play all in the same area," said Schacter.  "Downtown really gives you that opportunity to live that authentic life."
One of the buildings is now the Highlander Public House.
"The second I saw this bar it was a diamond in the rough," said Erik Scott the executive chef and the new pub.  "The bones were solid and it's beautiful."
Scott wants more downtown.
"There is not enough down here to call each other competition," said Scott.  "We're all complementary.  Anything that brings people downtown is a good thing."

Charos is glad to see people making their way downtown but knows revitalizing takes time.
"In order for downtown to come back you have to have those people that want to invest in downtown," said Charos.  "It's not just going to happen overnight.  It is going to take a while so seeing people investing and opening up businesses that just keeps pushing us forward to revitalize downtown."
"It's great to see stuff happening," said Scott.  "I can't wait for more."

The highlander opened their doors for the first time Friday afternoon at 3.

There was also a soft opening for Odd Duck Coffee.

Both the Highlander and The Yard will be open through the weekend and plan to have live music for guests.