Local Meals on Wheels could see $50,000 disappear

Local Meals on Wheels could see $50,000 disappear

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Earlier this week President Trump released his first budget blue print for the 2018 fiscal year.

On it, shows several organizations getting budget cuts.

One of those is "Meals on Wheels" an organization that focuses on delivering food to those who would go hungry without it.

Travis Morgan and his family have lived in Wichita Falls his entire life.

One person he is closest to, is his grandmother.

"Still rambunctious for 84 years old, I can say that much," said Morgan.

His grandmother doesn't get around as well as she used to.

"She broke her hip a few years back," said Morgan. "She's still trying to get back from that and it just takes a little bit of extra effort."

He and his family check in on her often but likes the peace of mind.
"They show up to our house every day at 11:00 or 11:30 and they show up to her apartment," said Morgan.  "So its definitely something they show up and take care of her every day so it's really nice."

A recent blue print budget released by President Trump would change that.  The proposed plan cuts funds from the Community Development Block Grant Program which would take about $50,000 away from the Wichita Falls "Meals on Wheels" that serves about 800 meals every day.

At $6.25 a meal, that's 8,000 meals a year.
"We're serving those people who have taken care of us," said Jackie Hamm, CEO of The Kitchen.  "We're serving our school teachers, our doctors, our principals.  We're serving veterans who fought for us...we're you know...we're taking care of the generation that took care of us.  I think it's you know we need to help.  We need to make sure those people are taken care of."

Hamm said the last thing she wants to do is turn someone away.

"It devastates me," said Hamm.  "It's something that is going to keep me awake at night a lot until we get this resolved."
"It would be terrible to see it go," said Morgan.

He adds however, he isn't worried.

"Right now, I know that president trump is trying to get us away from deficit and I'm going to trust in him to do that hopefully he will."
When it comes to the future?

"I'm hoping we'll take a step back and we'll look at this and the lives it's going to impact and maybe re direct some things and we'll still be able to operate as usual," said Hamm.

Some of the other organizations President Trump mentioned in his budget plan for cuts is the Water and Waste Water Budget, financial aid for college students, NPR, PBS, the arts, and after school programs.