Vernon College and Petrolia I.S.D. mourn student deaths

Vernon College Rodeo Team
Vernon College Rodeo Team

VERNON, TX (KAUZ) - Students and faculty from Vernon College and Petrolia High School are coping with tragic news of a wreck that claimed two lives and injured two others last weekend. 
The accident happened Saturday evening in Haskell County.
It involved four Vernon students, three of whom were on the rodeo team.
Two of them grew up in Texoma and graduated from Petrolia High School.
Unsettling and sadness are two words that Dr. Dusty Johnston, President of Vernon College, used to describe the tragedy.
"My first reaction was just extreme sadness and concern for the families and the students themselves," Dr. Johnston said.
Hearts are broken from the news that Vinita Trevino and Yancie McCuistion are now gone.
"Just very unsettling as you try to put the pieces together," Dr. Johnston said.
Jakob Plummer and Drew Hill were seriously injured in the accident as well.
Dr. Johnston said the rodeo team is a tight knit group.
"They do a lot of traveling," Dr. Johnston said. "They have different traveling partners and friends. They go a lot of places and run up and down the road. They spend a lot of time together."
Vernon College is not the only one grieving.
In a statement, Petrolia I.S.D. said Vinita was a vivacious and beautiful lady who participated in various extracurricular activities.
They said she will be missed by her friends, family, and those who loved her.
The school also said they wish Jakob a full recovery and their thoughts and prayers are with both families.
Dr. Johnston said it was a fun group.
"They were fun to be around and a joy to visit with," Dr. Johnston said. "Young people are fun to be around. They are vivacious, they are exciting, they are into their own world and we want them all to enjoy it."
Vinita and Jakob were only 19-years-old.
Dr. Johnston said this is not about Vernon College, but about the two families that lost their children and the other two families who are hoping not to lose theirs.
Vernon College said they extend their concern and support for members of their rodeo team and the students involved in the accident.
D.P.S. investigators said their truck ran a stop sign before being hit.
The investigation is ongoing.

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