Residents want more rideshare in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Uber is officially operating in Lawton as of 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The question we are asking, is will we see more rideshare companies like Uber or Lyft come to Wichita Falls.

People we talked to want to see that.

They said Wichita Falls is the ideal place with growth and Midwestern State University.

Jessica Edward moved to Wichita Falls about 9 years ago.

One thing she likes about the city is getting around.

"The traffic is so minimal," said Edwards.  "I just love being out here and not having to do with the back to back traffic."

In December, the rideshare company TRIDE launched in Wichita Falls.
"It's progressively picking up," said Russell Sells, a driver with TRIDE.  "We're getting more and more drivers to suffice the need of the ride to have enough drivers on board and online willing to take a ride for the people who need it."

So why are we not seeing more ride share companies in The Falls?

We reached out to UBER to ask that question.

The company sent us a statement saying "We're encouraged by the constructive dialogue in the Texas Legislature about a statewide solution that supports ridesharing," adding that they would like to see a solution to allow UBER to expand across the state.
Nicole and Debi Johnson moved back to Wichita Falls after living in the Denver area and are in favor of seeing more rideshare companies.
"We live next to Lonestar and it gets really busy," said Nicole Johnson.  "It just gets safer than them driving."
"I would think that as spread out as Wichita Falls is that would be something helpful," said Debi Johnson.

Another benefit is the MSU students.
"It would be really nice to have something that is cheap and cost effective for students to get home safe and not have to worry about driving themselves back home," said Mason Wilson, a Wichita Falls resident.

"Any time we have a college university especially when they're coming from other countries they need access to rideshare programs," said Edwards.

We reached out to officials with LYFT Wednesday morning to ask if they have considered coming to Wichita Falls.

We have not heard back from them.

TRIDE is the only rideshare company in Wichita Falls.