WCSO Drug Interdiction Unit getting drugs off the highways

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - The Wichita County Sheriffs Drug Intervention Unit is busy getting large quantities of drugs off highway 287.
The unit was created by Sheriff David Duke to address a growing problem.
It is not the only super highway in the county with this problem.
The Wichita County Sheriff's Office said there are mass amounts of drugs that travel on I-44 and U.S. 82.
They also said that the problem will never go away, but it is important to keep as much of it as they can out of the county.
When Sheriff Duke took over as Sheriff of Wichita County, he did not like what he saw on his highways.
"That avenue of transportation on the freeways had not been tapped into by north Texas law enforcement," Sheriff Duke said.
It meant Marijuana, THC Wax, Hash, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Heroine were traveling through the county in large amounts.
That led to the creation of a drug interdiction unit.
"They have been very successful over a year now," Wichita County Deputy Melvin Joyner said. "They have got a lot of large quantities of Marijuana, Hash, and Cocaine off the streets."
Sheriff Duke said that many of the drugs come from the cartel and west coast.
He and Deputy Joyner don't want it in the hands of others.
"Are they going to end up in Wichita County being sold to our children?" Deputy Joyner asked. "Are they going to end up in another community being sold to children? They are going somewhere."
"That drug is going to end up in the hand of someone who has never even tried Marijuana," Sheriff Duke said. "It could be a very young age, as young as 10 or 11-years-old that starts abusing that to the point where they do it all the time. And it leads into other types of narcotics."
Sheriff Duke said they want to add additional deputies and K-9's to decrease narcotics trafficking.
The office is proud of the unit's work.
"They have done an outstanding job and continue to do an outstanding job everyday," Deputy Joyner said. "I know I am very proud of what they've done."
And they have a message for you.
"If you are traveling down the roadway and you see something that may not look right, we encourage you to call and we will check it out," Deputy Joyner said.
Sheriff Duke said there concern is not people smoking Marijuana at home, but rather those traveling with the intent to distribute it.
Sheriff Duke said a lot of the narcotics on the highways are high grade drugs.
He said they are doing everything they can, with the resources they have to get them off the streets.

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