26 Dogs Heading Home

26 Dogs are on their way to find their forever home. Wichita Falls foster parents like Derek Andrews had to say goodbye after taking care of the dogs.

"We're going to miss her I mean there is no doubt about that. It wasn't a day we were necessarily looking forward to but we're glad she's going to be going for a safe place," Andrews said, "and that's she's going to go to a family that loves her."

This is Andrews first experience with the program called Underdog Express.

"We will definitely keep doing it," Andrews said.

Jan Herzog is the Transport Coordinator for Underdog Express. A program that moves adoptable North Texas dogs who may never be adopted to a loving home in upstate New York.

"We thought that was a good name because these dogs, I mean how could you be more of an underdog," Herzog said, "An animal that is completely unwanted, at risk here in Texas."

As they begin the trip to New York some are already adopted before they even leave Wichita Falls. When they arrive, people are lined up waiting for the truck.

"The complete opposite here where dogs wait for weeks are months or maybe the home never comes," Herzog said.

The program started three years ago, working with the Humane Society for Flower Mound, and now it works with Helping Hounds Independently.

Herzog says they are always looking foster parents or donations. It cost at least $170 for each dog for vetting fees. Helping Hounds pays for the travel expense.

Find more information through the P.E.T.S Website, or the Underdog Express Facebook page.