Daughter of man in viral adoption video tells story of adoption

Daughter of man in viral adoption video tells story of adoption

Robert Blevins has been in Serenity's life since she was 5 years old.

"He taught me how to fish he taught me how to hunt he taught me how to shoot," said Serenity Blevins.  "I mean he's done so much it's amazing.  Not only is he a great father but he is the type that can be your best friend."

Serenity wanted Robert, who she calls Bobby, to adopt her the day he married her mom, but said things always seemed to get in the way.

Last Sunday, that all changed when Serenity flew in from Los Angeles to give her soon to be father a surprise that's taken the internet by storm.

Official adoption papers.

Next came tears of joy.
"Seeing my dad cry, I've only seen him cry one other time," said Blevins.  "It was really emotional for all of us because you see this man in your life and a strong figure break down like that and you just knew like okay this is something that he's wanted for so long and it was just a great feeling."

The video has been viewed more than 130,000 times.
"We just wanted to capture it," said Blevins.  "Just wanted to capture that moment because it was a very special moment for our family."

Blevins said for her, Sunday was about making something official that she has always believed.
"In reality he has always been my dad," said Blevins.  "So me it's nothing.  To me I just signed a piece of paper to make it legal."

Blevins has 2 younger brothers who say now that her adoption is official, they want to do the same thing.