Dazzling up the Downtown Skyline

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) – The future of downtown Wichita Falls might not be the only thing getting brighter.

Soon, the skyline could be brightened as well.

It's all part of a vision Wichita Falls Mayor, Stephen Santellana hopes he can bring to life.

That dream is slowly becoming a reality.

Recently, Big Blue, one of downtowns most iconic structures has jumped on board, lighting the downtown skyline with bold blue lights.

Chamber of Commerce President, Henry Florsheim, hopes by accenting the skyline more people will want pull off the highway and come see the city.

"There is some really neat architecture and there's a really diverse set of building style of architecture around here, that's really attracted to a lot of people," said Florsheim.

One of those being Ted Klopf, owner and founder of Odd Duck Coffee, located just around the corner from Big Blue.

As the skyline begins to shine high, Klopf hope the business below will shine as well.

The plans are still in the very early stages, if completed Mayor Santellana hopes to light the sky in maroon and gold for MSU, green and red during the holidays, and pink during breast cancer awareness month.

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