US Cellular helps Texoma children groups

US Cellular helps Texoma children groups

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - US Cellular made it easy for parents to pay for their child's activities. It's their third annual Community Connection.

They're sponsoring children's K-12 sports, academic or community groups.

The Texoma groups can earn up to $1,000 in non-profit money.

All the groups need to do is sign up and spread the word like a modern version of the telephone game.

When the groups register online, they have 10 days to do as many activities as they can. The activities include watching videos, social media and sharing things on social media.

Adam Dohmen, with US Cellular, said the more activities they do, the more they earn for their sports or academic groups.

"I'd like to think without this donation, without this up to 1000 dollars per youth organization, they won't be able to do that," Dohmen said. "So, it just makes me feel good and I know kids are excited to be able to do the things they enjoy doing."

Right now only five groups from Texoma are participating and Dohmen would like to see more. All they have to do is register so our Texoma children can have more money for their activities.

US Cellular donated $900,000 dollars over the last three years and they plan to donate half a million this year nationwide.