Remembering Vinita Trevino

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Radiant. Vibrant. Smiling.
These are all words that Vinita Trevino's friends said described her.
Last weekend the Petrolia native was tragically killed in a car wreck in Haskell County.
Newschannel 6 spoke with friends and family members today about Vinita and what they want her to be remembered by.
It was a regular Saturday evening for Sidney Mobley, Coty Chase, and Abbi Armour.
But once they got the news Vinita had been in a car wreck, it was anything but regular.
"I didn't want to believe it," Chase said. "I didn't sleep for a week. Just devastated."
"I didn't want to believe what happened because you think this stuff doesn't happen to your close friends and family," Armour said. "But they do and it's just devastating to hear that it happens someone you love."
At first they thought she just had minor injuries, but that quickly changed.
"Thirty minutes later I got another phone call and they said that she had been put on life support," Mobley said. "And, at that point, I was just beside myself."
The friends wanted to meet at Parkway Grill Friday to talk to us.
Parkway was one of Vinita's favorite places.
"She was here all the time," Mobley said. "There chicken fried steak. She would eat the entire thing. Don't ask her for a bite. She wouldn't give it to you."
Rather than dwell on the tragedy, Abbi, Sidney, and Coty want to focus on the good times.
"She had the coldest feet in the world," Chase said. "And if you didn't let her put them on you, she would be really upset. It was a big argument," she joked.
"She was a lover of cowboys," Mobley said. "Yes she loved her some cowboys."
Chase said last weekend they were coming back from Abilene after visiting Jakob Plummer, who was also injured in the wreck.
She said they stopped to grab a bite to eat.
What happened next she couldn't believe.
"I placed my order and went and got my drink," Chase said. "And one of our friends moms was sitting down and she had this number (12). And I was beside myself. I said that was Vinita's number. We were just thinking man Vinita you got jokes. You got some jokes."
"I want people to remember how wild and how loving and just crazy she was," Mobley said.
"Remember how fun she was, how outgoing she was," Armour said. "And how much she loved God and how much she loved people."
Vinita's parents were also at Parkway Grill but understandably did not want to be on camera.
But they did say they want to thank the Davis Funeral Home, the community and surrounding communities for their overwhelming support.
They also said their thoughts and prayers are with Jakob Plummer and his family.

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