Men in Action group at Booker T. Washington molds boys into young men

Men in Action group at Booker T. Washington molds boys into young men

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A class at Booker T. Washington Elementary in Wichita Falls is teaching boys in third through fifth grade how to become respectable and responsible young men.

Every Friday afternoon The Men in Action group meets for about an hour.

"We talk about life things," said Virgil Trigg, a fourth grader. "Like stuff that can help you through life for problems you have."

Maurice Jordan said the reason he teaches this class is because he wants his students to have big dreams and strong minds.

He said he wants them to feel like there are no limitations to what they can achieve.

"I want them to not feel like well I grew up on the east side of Wichita Falls and my parents don't have much money or what not," said Jordan. "I don't want that to be a hindrance on them."

Fifth grader Demarcus Brown said the class makes him feel good.

"I learned that pain isn't just about you, it's about other people," said Demarcus. " And if you have a dream you can go after it, and if you fail you can do it again."

The group started off as a way for boys who have behavior problems or do not have a male role model at home to learn the life lessons a father would teach them.

Jordan not only encourages the children, but they cheer on each other. Chants of empowerment like "We all we got, we all we need" and "Who am I? I am a champion" filled the room during Friday's session.

Jordan said her knows what it is like growing up without a father. His dad passed away when he was only 13-years-old, and he believes it is important for him to open up to the boys about his life.

"They may be going through some of the same things," said Jordan.

He said it is good for them to have someone they know who never gave up no matter what life threw their way.

The boys learn everything from how to deal with conflict to taking out the trash.

Jordan said he has gotten feedback from parents, and it is not just the kids taking out the trash that impressed them about the class. It is the respect the students are learning.

The boys even get the opportunity to hear from men in their own community. Jordan said it is important for them to meet real people that can inspire them to do great things.

They have had veterans and even business owners talk with them. An owner of a suit shop came by and showed all the boys how to tie ties and even gave each kid their own tie.

"I want these children to have a chance," said Jordan. Rather it is him or another speaker he just wants to help these students succeed in life.

"For them later on in life to come back and say hey Mr. Jordan helped me get through this time," said Jordan.

The students in his class said he is doing just that.

Virgil said the class makes him feel like he can do anything. Demarcus agrees and said Mr. Jordan helps him feel like a great leader.

Jordan is looking for men to come out a talk to the boys to help motivate them and share their story with them.

if you're interested in speaking at a Men in Action group session give the school a call at 940-235-1196.

Jordan said he is also working on getting a girls group together.

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