Family gets new home after months of building


Esther Gomez lives in a small house with her husband and 4 adopted grandchildren, but in a few short days, the family will turn the key to unlock their new home for the very first time.
The bare white walls, will then have color.
Last year 11 year old Aelica Brower did something special.

I wrote a letter to the habitat for humanity asking them to get us a new house, said Brower.
It was a dream that we had, said Esther Gomez.  We perused it and we didn't give up.

It wasnt long after that when Gomez got the call.
It's awesome and fabulous, said Gomez.  I cant even begin to explain how great this house is.

Every Saturday for the last several months, volunteers have helped build. Jeffrey Schultz with Habitat for Humanity believes there is something special when a house becomes a home.
It's just like Christmas morning, said Schultz.  I mean these kids are excited, Esther is excited for her family and the time she has put into it.  The volunteers that come out you know be volunteering with habitat coming out and getting the opportunity to see the joy it brings to their face for a new home.When it comes to Aelcia, she is glad she wrote a letter that day.
Thank you to my teachers for helping me giving strength and courage to write the letters.
We're going home, said Gomez.  You know we're going to a new home.