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Texoma embraces Native American culture at Red River Intertribal Powwow


Several Native American tribes gathered in Wichita Falls to celebrate their culture and give back to the community at the Red River Intertribal Powwow.

Some Native Americans said the Powwow is a great way for Texoma to embrace their culture and learn more about them.

"There is not a whole lot of Native American activity in Texas but this is one way we can educate the public that we are here," Jim Moore Red River President said.

"We don't live in teepees. We have a good time. We have a different culture but everyone can join in and enjoy."

"My granddaughter here, Bella, she's Native," an event-goer, Sandy Cadena, said. "I brought her here to see what her people are like."

Moore said the Native singing and dancing is sacred.

"There is a saying in the Native American community that where there is a drum and there is singers and dancers gathering together, all the ancestors of those people come together as well," Moore said. "That's kind of a great spiritual feeling to feel all your ancestors in there enjoy things with you."

All the money raised in today's event is going to the Children's Aids Society. Moore said they're hoping to raise more than $1,000 dollars. Last year's Powwow raised more than $1,2000.

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