Several Texomans drink for a good cause

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Hundreds of Texomans drank for a good cause on Thursday. All the money raised at the 13th annual Red River Beer & Wine festival went to local charities.

Liz Wathen, Red River Beer & Wine festival co-chair, said it was a dream come true to put the event together.

"That's been our goal to put on an event that everybody will really enjoy and they can come out drink some wine and support great charities," Wathen said.

The event had something several Texomans agreed made for a great way to drink wine, someone to drink with.

Jennifer Sweeney who attended the event with Wichita Falls friends she visited said a companion is a must.

"With great company, some girlfriends, maybe by the fireplace that would be my type, just to relax and have wine," Sweeney said.

Sweeney wasn't the only "Jennifer" at the event to think that.

"Sitting around, hanging around talking with friends," Jennifer Alanice said.

Alanice said a nice glass of wine can help on dates too.

"It's a nice way to relax," Alanice said. "You know take the nerves off and if you find a good one you'll have more fun."

Valerie Williams said it can be a great way to relax too.

"It's relaxing, you know?" Williams said. "Right before bed have a glass of wine and relax."

Beer and wine enthusiasts had more than 40 different Texas wine samplings and beer tastings to choose from.

Last year the event raised more than $50,000 dollars for local charities.

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