Fire department cleans up after fire

Fire department cleans up after fire

LAKE ARROWHEAD, TX (KAUZ) - Fire Chief, Mike Hall with the Lake Arrowhead Volunteer Fire Department got a call he hoped to never get.

"It's been one of my biggest nightmares," said Hall.  "What if?  For years and now it's happened.  You can't prepare yourself for it.  My meal which I had taken my first bite and sent Pam to the deal and said we got to get us some to go boxes.  I took my hands and emptied my plate in the to go box and out the door we went."

Three fire trucks damaged.

The remains of the blaze chard the front of the building.

The cause of the fire is unknown, but Hall believes it could have sparked after some welding done earlier Saturday.
One thing that is for certain, Hall and his team were not alone.

Volunteers from the Henrietta and Arrow Ranch Estates VFD came in to help.

Hall said that is something communities do for each other.

"There's no way we could survive without the other departments," said Hall.  "All of us.  Our membership is so low things get big really fast.  You just can't handle it by yourself.  Usually we've always got somebody we can call to help."

The department is working to find out the total damage and with no insurance on the building, they are trying to figure something else too.

"Trying to clean up to figure out what we have and don't have."

Even during a time of tragedy, Hall is staying optimistic.
"We're cripple but we're not dead," said Hall.  "Tomorrow morning we'll start making calls."

Some fire departments have already offered to loan LAVFD a truck to use.

For more on how you can help the department, click here.