Hail causes damage to some Seymour residents homes


SEYMOUR, TX (KAUZ) - Some Seymour residents are cleaning up Wednesday morning after a scary night of high winds and hail.

There were even some injuries reported.

Alicia and Cy Whitaker, who live on West Nevada Street in Seymour, got hit with hail that was big enough to cover the palm of their hands.

Alicia said she was nervous when the storm rolled through, but now is just relieved there was no serious damage to their home.

"It just started coming down.  It's like a war zone," said Cy. "It was so loud, and all I did was pray and thankfully we only got a tiny crack in one of the windows."

Some of their neighbors were not so lucky.

"A couple of them had some damage to their cars," said Alicia. "I don't know how bad it was yet. One of them had a window busted out in the house and some siding damage."

The Whitakers said the hail lasted about 15 to 20 minutes, and it looked like it had snowed because the hail covered their entire yard.

They warn others to be safe and alert as we continue through severe weather season.

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