Local storm chaser shares message on dangers of storm chasing

Local storm chaser shares message on dangers of storm chasing

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KSWO) - Storm chasers and meteorologists are mourning and expressing their sympathies after three storm chasers died in Texas Tuesday afternoon while chasing a tornado.
“Is it worth it, is it worth somebody's life to go see a tornado," Fox said.

Waurika native, Erick Fox is a professional when it comes to chasing storms. He has more than 17 years of experience traveling across the country. When he heard the news yesterday he was devastated.

“I was at work at the time, I pretty much had to stop what I was doing, " Fox said.

Fox was a close friend of Kelley Williams.

“Kelly is one of those guys that will do anything for you, he would take the shirt off his back for you if he could, and it seems like it is always the good guys that this happens to and it’s going to take a while to get over this one if I ever do," Fox said.

Authorities said Williams was driving a black Suburban about four miles west of Spur, Texas with his storm chasing partner Randall Yarnell. Williams disregarded a stop sign and they collided with another storm chaser, Corbin Jaeger. Fox said this tragic incident should be a wake-up call for storm chasers and drivers to pay attention. 

“Not only is the weather dangerous but the roads are dangerous and so simply running a stop sign can cause an issue and unfortunately you see it now," said  Fox.

Having multiple storm chasers chase one storm can cause big problems. Fox say don’t go out on own if you have no experience, he says get a good education and train with other chasers before getting on the road.

“Five or six years ago we didn’t have this you could have one or two people on the storm. Now you have a hundred people on the storm, and when you hit a hundred people it is just like driving in rush hour traffic, so you are looking at cars coming out, you're watching the storms, your dodging baseball sized hail it makes it inherently dangerous," said Fox.

Fox said there will always be another storm to chase. He says it is important to slow down, stop and think about what might happen.

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