TX Senate OK's fetal remains bill despite court case

TX Senate OK's fetal remains bill despite court case

AUSTIN, TX (KAUZ) - According to the Associated Press, preliminary approval has been granted by the Texas Senate to a bill mandating the burial or cremation of fetal remains from abortions and miscarriages.

This move comes although a federal judge already blocked an existing state rule requiring the same thing.

Dallas Senator Don Huffines (R) authored the bill which passed 22-9 on Wednesday.

It still needs a final vote to send it to the House.

Huffines said Texas now allows putting fetal remains in garbage disposals. But medical providers note they usually are incinerated and disposed of in sanitary landfills.

Opponents said this bill will discourage abortions by making them more expensive.

Lawmakers are pushing forward trying to make the mandate part of state law.

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