Phase one of Kemp and Monroe drainage project starts in Wichita Falls

Phase one of Kemp and Monroe drainage project starts in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Residents living along Monroe Street will not have to worry about flooding in their homes in the near future.

Officials with the Public Works Department said Monroe Street is among the roadways that flood the worst in the city when it rains.

One of the biggest problems is rain gets into the homes along Monroe street.

That is why the department is working to install box culverts that will catch the water when it falls and send it underground.

The department said doing this is going to decrease the amount of standing water on the road and keep it out of homes.

"When it rains heavily our street department comes out here and sets barricades because it gets so deep that it's not safe for vehicles to travel," said Blane Boswell with the Public Works Department.  "We don't ever like to say that we don't guarantee that it won't flood again but it will dramatically increase the capacity of this drainage system."

There is also a plan to build a water detention pond where the water would be collected and eventually drained out.

This project is in its first phase of a two.

Contractors expect to have the project completed by March of 2018.

The Public Works Department plans on using this model for future projects in other high flooding areas across Wichita Falls.

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