Wichita Falls Farmers Market hosts "Salad Days"

WICHITA FALLS, TX - There was plenty of green at the Wichita Falls Farmer's market Saturday.

Tons of fresh and local fruits and veggies were available for purchase for their "Salad Days" event.

This is the first year for the winter market and coordinators said they wanted to have a big introduction to spring.

The businesses said there has been an increase of interest when it comes to eating local.
"We're really supporting local families and farms that could really use the help," said Kyle Dalka, a vendor at the market.  "Especially now a days with all the big production of farming and everything like that and really it's better for you it's not as many preservatives some of them are almost all organic from what I know of so it's just helpful for their family our family all around honestly."

There were also homemade croutons and local cheeses for people to try.

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