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Outdoor food courts and strategic planning resolutions on agenda for WF city council

Wichita Falls Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls city council will look at a list of topics Tuesday that include:

- Addressing an ordinance that would change the requirements to demolish buildings and structures in city limits. Property owners would have to demolish their buildings 30 days after the ordinance date if the city deems them unsafe.

- Addressing an ordinance amending outdoor food courts. According to the owner of Deli Plant, the business applied for a change so they can have indoor and outdoor services. Currently, restaurants cannot develop outside General Commercial Zoning Districts.

- Addressing an ordinance and a resolution to take part in this year's STEP program, also known as "Click It Or Ticket.". This program would allow the city to apply for the STEP grant that is worth just under $108,000.

- Addressing two strategic planning resolutions. The first would be for the 4B Board and the Economic Development Board to endorse their goal to enhance economic growth, as well as participating in an economic development plan. The second would establish a Downtown Development Steering Committee to help lead the downtown development initiative over the next 18 months.

Alex Achten will be at the meeting. You can follow him on twitter @Alex_KAUZ for the latest.

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