Victim’s family speaking out after former police officer granted parole

The family of two young teenage girls killed in a tragic car accident are speaking out.

Monday, Teddie Lynn Whitefield, a man convicted for the deaths of Gloria Montoya, Yeni Lopez and her unborn child, was granted parole.

This comes after serving only 2 years of his 8 year sentence.

Veronica Montoya lost her sister, cousin and her cousins' unborn child that day.

Tuesday, she spoke about those feelings at the grave of her 13-year-old sister.

"I felt like there was only two years of justice for my sister, like it was nothing. Just slapped him on the hand and moved on," said Montoya.

Even though the wreck happened over 5 years ago, there is never a day Veronica's mother doesn't spend at the grave of her daughter.

While flowers, angles and positive memories keep Gloria's spirit alive.

Veronica said it's the sound of her sister and cousin voices she misses the most.

"We can't hug her, we can't tell her I love you, that's something he's way privileged to have," said Montoya.

Veronica hopes the people who made this decision had a good reason to release Whitefield and never have to go through the pain her family has been through.

Whitefield is still being held at the B. Moore prison in Overton, Texas.

The night the wreck happened authorities say Whitefield was driving at least 75 m.p.h. on Jacksboro Highway, when he slammed into the car the girls were in.

The posted speed limit for that stretch of road is 45 m.p.h.

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