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ARCHER CITY, TX (KAUZ) - If you paint it, they will come. The longhorns won't walk through Archer City for the Western Heritage Days as hoped.

But two sisters are using art to make sure cattle will still be seen.

It's been more than 20 years since Archer City had a cattle drive during Western Heritage Days so this year city leaders hoped to bring back a piece of that heritage.

However, the city was not able to raise the $7,500 dollars needed so instead of giving up some people got creative.

A western inspired mural will be painted along a fence expanding three buildings. All the wood for the fence was donated.

Cheryl Carmody, the owner of Season's Resale in Archer City, said when she found out the city could not afford the cattle drive she hired two artists.

"Maybe we can earn the money next year to bring the real cows but I certainly wanted the cows to come," Carmody said. "I got blessed to find these girls."

She hired sisters, April Bradshaw and Ashley Alvarado, through a Wichita Falls trade post to bring the cattle to life.

"We've heard about the Western Heritage Days and she told us a little bit about it," Bradshaw said. "The whole town gets in on it. It's a big thing so we just wanted to make it a little bit more special for them."

The sisters said several in the town have gotten behind the murals and gave them some suggestions.

"A horse with a cowgirl on it and Carmody suggested to make it her with the blonde hair," Alvarado said. "I thought that was actually a cute idea to do."

Residents hoped to bring back a tradition that's been lost for two decades and see longhorns walking across Highway 25 but they will now see them on Highway 75.

The sisters made great progress Thursday on the job. They started Wednesday but promised it will be done in about three weeks.

The finished mural can be seen on Friday, April 28th during Western Heritage Days in Archer City.

We will also post pictures on our Newschannel 6 Facebook page. 

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