WF man born in Iran reacts to U.S. air strikes in Syria

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Following the recent attacks on Syria by the United States, Newschannel6 reached out to see what locals from our area think about the attacks.

We reached out to a man who is from the region around Syria to get his take on the air strikes.

Abdul Rizavizaduh moved to America from Iran almost 40 years ago after finishing high school to achieve the American dream.

Since then, he has married, started a family and is now the owner of Gyros and Kabobs in Wichita Falls.

He said that when he saw the news Thursday night, he was not surprised. Rizavizaduh said bombings in that country are nothing new.

"This is something that is pretty normal for Syrians," said Rizavizaduh.  "They've been in war for five to six years. They should have done that a long time ago something about it.  Hopefully, they will do something about it now."

Rizavizaduh said he is not worried about the safety of his family living so close to Syria.

He said that he supports President Donald Trump in this decision and this is what comes with being a world leader.

Rizavizaduh said he hopes to see this conflict resolved soon.

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