"Can you hear me now?" I'm driving and talking legally.

Many started to go hands-free in Wichita Falls after and ordinance made it illegal to hold your phone while you’re driving.

Hands-free devices like Bluetooth or car mounts are easy and affordable methods to legally talk while behind the wheel.

Sales of hands-free devices tripled in the last 30 days in Wichita Falls.

Adam Dohmen with U.S. Cellular said Bluetooth car dock devices alone increased more than 130 percent. He said U.S. Cellular told their customers about the law and how they can comply using hands-free.

One of those devices, the Jabra Drive, is difficult to find in the store.

“You can pair the Jabra Drive to your cell phone and it just slips over your sun visor,” Dohmen said. “It works just like an in car blue tooth does. We can't keep them in stock.”

Gregory Casillas, a long time Bluetooth user, said to even a watch can be used for hands-free driving.

“My phone links to this Apple Watch which is Bluetooth,” Casillas said. “I can actually take hands-free phone calls over the watch.”

Casillas works in IT and he’s a little ahead of the game when it comes to hands-free driving.

“I've been using Bluetooth since I got a vehicle in 2012 so I guess it's been five years now," Casillas said.

But unlike Casillas, not everyone was hands-free talking ready when the ordinance passed and Sewell Toyota decided to help them with some training. 

"We've had more people at the time of sales asking just to make sure that the car is equipped with Bluetooth,” Steve James Sewell Toyota general manager said. “Although all of our vehicles for many years all had Bluetooth, people are asking a little bit more asking making sure the car has Bluetooth."