300 vendors show up for Bowie 2nd Monday Trade Days

BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - Hundreds of vendors and customers made their way to Bowie Saturday for the 2nd Monday Trade Days.

There is antique crafts, farm animals, and everything in between.

At almost 125 years old, the town of Bowie has the largest continually operating trade days in the state of Texas.

Every Saturday before the 2nd Monday of every month, people from all across the country come to see what started out as a small trade day.

Now, that trade day sees about 300 vendors every month.
Larry Sewell and his wife Theresa own "Tie Die and Treasures" outside of Ft. Worth.

"We've gone as far as St. Charles Missouri, Oklahoma City, Corpus Christi, all over the state of Texas," said Sewell.

There were some big hits at the market.

"A couple of months ago there was a guy who built his own Ferris wheel," said Pahyton Carranza, a resident of Bowie.  "They had it set up over here and it was really cool it was like 2 dollars a ride."

Renea Campbell and her family live in Bowie and go every month to see what is new.

Kirsten Jones goes to skype out the deals.

"It's actually a really good place where you can buy stuff and actually have really good prices," said Jones.

The Sewells go to several trade days, but say there is something special about Bowie.
"You meet a lot of fun people," said Sewell.  "Everybody you can think of and we've just enjoyed meeting people."

"Seeing the different people around town that we run into is fun," said Campbell.
Event organizers say the town of Bowie benefits by Trade Days each month by people bringing in money to the town.