BBB warns consumers of local number scams

BBB warns consumers of local number scams

WICHITA FALLS, TX - The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of a scam that tricks you into thinking you're getting a local call.

Lisa West has owned her hair shop in Bowie since 2008, but recently her work day goes a little differently.

"I probably got 4 to 5 phone calls just on Friday alone," said West.
These calls are coming from scammers, but they aren't showing up like the scam numbers we are use to.
"I've had them say Denton, Texas and Bowie it's literally popped up and said Bowie, Texas," said West.

The Better Business Bureau says scammers are starting to use local numbers to make their calls.

Why? As a consumer, we are more likely to answer it.

For West, this is getting in the way of how she runs her business.
"It's very frustrating because as a business owner that is how I make my living," said West.  "When you take time to answer a phone call that is not a real phone call it takes away time from the client in the chair."

There are tips you can do.

The first one is to not answer a number you don't recognize.

The BBB says if a person is trying to get ahold of you, they will leave a message.

The next step, report the number to the BBB, that way more people will know of the scam.

As for West, she hopes these calls will be put to rest.
"People should be in trouble for it," said West.  "I mean we're talking they should have some kind of fine.  I'm hoping that it completely goes away that would be very nice to not have to deal with again."

The BBB adds that "robo calls" are illegal and should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission.