Activists warn of new K-2 'pink' drug in East Texas

Activists warn of new K-2 'pink' drug in East Texas

EAST TEXAS (KAUZ) - East Texas activists against the sale and use of the synthetic drug K-2 are warning of a new and deadly off-shoot of K-2 that experts say is
seven times more potent than morphine.

An organization called 'East Texans against K-2', is rallying support from the public, and even from legislators, to fight against a new threat
called 'pink'.

In recent years, a concerted effort by law enforcement across East Texas has shut down establishments that sell and distribute K-2.

Terrie Mogavero of White Oak started East Texans against K-2, to help keep it out of the hands of young people.

"Each one of my founders, we all had children that experimented with it. People still aren't aware of what K-2 is. We've had about 50 deaths in the United States," she says.

A recent death in Longview, suspected to be connected with K-2, has Mogavero on her mission again.

"It's really frightening to see the process that they're going through," Terrie says.

But now a new threat called 'pink' or 'pinky', a chemical U-47700,  which Mogavero says can be deadly just to come in contact with and it is easy to

"It is deadly to the touch, or can be. It's called pinky because you dip your pinky into it and snort it. The primary way to get it now is through
the internet," Mogavero says.

Joining the fight is state representative Jay Dean, who authored a bill that would classify pinky as a synthetic drug equal to heroin or cocaine.

"I met with Jay. And later he drafted the house bill 2671.  It's more accessible, the drugs are stronger, they're more dangerous. We need to keep
these kids safe," says Terrie.

You can find more information on 'East Texans against K-2', by visiting them on Facebook.
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