Public hearing for Wichita County jail bond set for this evening

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - A public hearing will be held Monday night, giving Wichita County citizens the opportunity to hear more about the approximately $70 million dollar jail bond.

County commissioners will have discussions with HOK architects and Harper Perkins architects on the construction of the project.

A work session was held at 1:30 p.m. Monday to go over how to present the information to the public.

Woody Gossom, Wichita County Judge, said it is an opportunity to inform the county before it is time to vote.

"Hopefully if we provide the information and answer their questions, they will make an informed decision at the polls," Judge Gossom said.

They would not know the cost until after the bond would be passed.

But based on current interest rates, it would be between 5.75 and 6.75 cents.

The meeting, at 6 p.m., will be at the county courthouse in the 30th District Court.

If you cannot make it, a second will be held April 17th at the same time and location.

Judge Gossom said you if can't make either but have questions, go ahead and call him.

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