P2 owners to open an event center near downtown

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - P2, near downtown Wichita Falls, is expanding by turning a warehouse next to the restaurant into an events center.

The building will give people the opportunity to rent it out.

It is all to expand the venue and provide the public another option to use for events.

Steve Wilkinson, Co-Owner of P2, believes the addition could bring more people to Wichita Falls depending the event.

They see it as an opportunity to grow an already successful business.

Adding an events center was not something Wilkinson originally had in mind.

"P2 needed the parking," Wilkinson said. "We wanted the parking lot and they wouldn't sell it without the building. So we had to buy the building."

But once they got inside, their minds quickly changed.

"After going inside and seeing the hundred-year-old wood, which is absolutely beautiful, we came up with the idea that this would be an excellent location, being downtown, to have an events center," Wilkinson said.

The Warehouse opens in May and can hold parties for 50 to 1,000 people and anything in between.

Wilkinson and his partner served as firefighters a combined 60 plus years.

He said that is why they want to give back.

"Always helping our community is very important to us," Wilkinson said. "Always has been."

P2 customers are excited for the events center to be open.

Wilkinson's ultimate goal is for the space to create memories that will not be forgotten.

"A lot of them are excited about this," Wilkinson said. "They look at it and think one day maybe I can get married here. Or we can have our reception here."

Wilkinson said one thing that will make The Warehouse unique is it will have a full-service cash bar.

Two events are already scheduled for next month.

Wilkinson added that space will also be used to help P2 with some of their biggest events like Guns and Hoses.

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