WFISD's District of Innovation plan approved again

WFISD's District of Innovation plan approved again

The Wichita Falls Independent School District board members approved the District of Innovation plan again at Tuesday’s Special Session.

The board unanimously gave the green light for the plan that will allow them to opt out of some state regulations.
Debby Patterson, the District's Executive Director of School Administration, said this allows them to set some of their own guidelines.
“Because we know our students and our district and what we need to do,” said Patterson

This comes after a new District Advisory Committee was elected just last week. Those members immediately approved the District of Innovation plan right after.

What is next for the WFISD’s journey to become a District of Innovation? Sending it off to the Texas Education Agency to get looked over and posted on the agency’s website.
Patterson said as for those state regulations the plan proposed being exempt from, there are some additional steps to put them in action.

“What will happen is that we will look at those items that the District of Innovation Committee voted on,” said Patterson.
She said they will create a subcommittee for each item if it is a change they plan on moving forward with.
She said they will give as many people in the district that want to have input on that particular item the chance to contribute to the discussion.
The board will vote on all those potential exemptions individually.

Switching gears, an update to the policy that breaks down how the District Advisory Committee is formed is on its way to be voted on by the board following Tuesday’s Special Session. The big change is the committee will be elected in the spring time.

“It really didn't make a lot of sense of having it in the fall because they're so much prior work that needs to be done,” said Patterson.
Work that includes approving items like the student handbooks, student code of conduct and goals for the year.
When asked about the grievance filed by the Texas Classroom Teacher's Association that claimed the committee did not comply with state law.
Patterson said the district went through the process and is currently following policy.

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