Heroes of Texoma: Tech Sergeant Weston Morgan

Heroes of Texoma: Tech Sergeant Weston Morgan

SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE (KAUZ) - Tech Sergeant Weston Morgan joined the U.S. Air Force after talking to his brother.

Twelve years into his military career he is now teaching others.

Growing up in Louisiana, TSgt Weston Morgan joined the air force in 2005 to help pay for college.

But college never really panned out for Morgan, he enjoyed serving more.

"I liked it a lot and wanted to make a career out of it," said Morgan.

Now in 2017, Morgan has traveled all over the world as part of his service in the armed forces.

"I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do when I joined, however, I wanted to be able to do something a little more involved and I wanted it to be something I could travel with," said Morgan.

Morgan started his military career in California for two years before serving in Japan for eight.

"That's why I decided to make a career out of it. Because of the travel and being able to see so many cultures. That's what I really enjoy about the job," said Morgan.

Now at Sheppard Air Force Base until at least 2020, TSgt Weston Morgan is in charge of training airmen in avionics.

Working on radio, radar, and navigation systems for cargo, refueler, and bomber aircraft; it's airmen like Morgan, and those he teaches, who come to the rescue when a problem comes up before an aircraft is launched.

"On the flight line if the aircraft is about to launch and they have a technical problem with the radio per say, I go out there I fix that radio and then I get to see that aircraft take off and know it took off because I did my job right," said Morgan.

Morgan says it can be a stressful job but the stress comes with a reward.

"It's definitely a challenge as well as something that's rewarding but it's not rewarding unless it's challenging because if it's easy then everybody can do it," said Morgan.

Morgan wants to continue serving and plans to stay in the air force as long as possible.

As for future plans, TSgt Morgan hopes to one day make it back to Japan.

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