Grieving mother vows to honor son's life by fighting for anti-bully legislation

Grieving mother vows to honor son's life by fighting for anti-bully legislation

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - An Iowa Park mother said her family will never be the same after losing one of her sons.

Roxanne Jones' son 14-year-old Tyler Andrew Garcia took his life after being bullied for months.

"I knocked on the door and he didn't answer," Jones recalled the day she lost her son. "By the time I got into his room, I saw him laying on the floor. There was nothing I can do.

"It's the most gut-wrenching feeling to know your baby is laying on the floor."

She decided to fight back against bullies for her son and any other child experiencing the same torment.

Jones said law enforcement was helpless when it came to protecting her son.

"The bully came to our home," Jones said. "All they could do is put the bully in their car and take them home and that was it."

A Senate bill looks to change that.

It is called David's Law, Senate Bill 179. It's named after a San Antonio teen who took his life last year after months of bullying. If David's Law passes, then the bullies, including cyberbullies, would face misdemeanor charges. Jones helped write alongside Rep. Ina Minjarez and David Molak's family.

She pushed for felony charges against teens who tell other children to commit suicide.

The bill would unmask cyber bullies who use anonymous accounts by giving the courts the ability to subpoena those accounts to find out who's behind the keyboard.

Jones said Tyler would do the same thing she is doing now if he was still alive.

"I think he would be really proud of me because Tyler was that kid that always helped everybody else."

The family is holding a benefit on April 23rd to combat cyberbullying with their foundation T.A.G. You're It named after Tyler. All the money raised would go to funding anti-bullying billboards.

Jones said her family will try to testify in favor of David's Law in front of a Senate Committee. She said they are not sure when the Senate Committee will vote on David's Law.

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