Spring can bring unwanted guests into your home

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Rain and humidity not only brought out the raincoats but termites too.

Reproductive termites come out of the ground and swarm to homes and businesses.

Within hours, the pests create new colonies inside the homes and buildings and leave behind mud tubes.

"[Mud huts are] usually the size of a number two pencil is what you'll see," David Shoop Jr., manager at Shoop's Texas Termite and Pests said. "It looks like almost like a dirt dauber nest but more grainy."

Shoop said they look similar to black ants and have wings. One way homeowners can prevent a swarm from entering their homes is by clearing any wood.

"If they're going to keep that wood, make sure you have a two to a three-foot buffer where it never ever touches their home," Shoop said.

Same goes to fences homeowners don't want termites to eat.

Shoop said colonies can stretch up to two miles long so it takes several weeks to kill an infestation.

Water leaks are an invitation for termites so Shoop said homeowners need to keep an eye out for any termite trails near their plumbing areas.

If a home is infested with termites, then the surrounding homes may be infested too.

Shoop advises homeowners to call local pest control experts to test their homes if a termite infestation is reported in their neighborhood.

He said Termidore is best the product homeowners should buy if they want to clear the infestation themselves.

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