Texas lawmakers push to expand gun rights for first responders

AUSTIN, TX (KAUZ) - Eligible for a floor vote starting when the Senate returns to work on Tuesday is a bill allowing paramedics and other first-responders - even volunteer firefighters - to carry concealed handguns on duty.
Sen. Don Huffines' bill has been listed on the "local and consent" calendar, making it eligible for passage with minimal debate. No additional training is required for emergency personnel already licensed to carry concealed handguns.
Huffines, a Dallas Republican, has argued that the "risk of assault for EMS workers is roughly 30 times higher when compared to the average occupational risks in the United States," while citing first responders being summoned to a sniper attack in downtown Dallas that killed five police officers last summer.
A similar bill filed in the House has cleared committee but not yet been scheduled for a floor vote there.

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