WFPD officer recovering at home after accident

WFPD officer recovering at home after accident

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A Wichita Falls Police officer is now home and recovering following an accident late last week.

Officer Dustin Moffett had surgery after suffering injuries to his face including his jaw and teeth following.

Fear shot across the Wichita Falls police airwaves late Friday morning when they heard an officer was down. Officers said his helmet showed significant damage.

When they got on scene just after 11:30 a.m., they found the motorcycle officer had been in a wreck.

"The vehicle was leaving the Applebee's parking lot attempting to cross the intersection," Officer Tim Johnson said. "The motor officer was southbound in that same location on Kemp Boulevard. And the two collided in the intersection."

The Officer Moffett was rushed to United Regional with while the occupants of the other vehicles did not seem to be seriously injured.

Police said they never want to respond to accidents like this, but it hits home when it is one of their brothers or sisters in blue.

Police Chief Manuel Borrego released the following statement on Tuesday:

"I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the citizens that were present at the scene of the accident for the care and compassion that they showed Officer Moffett and for the overall support from the community as a whole," Borrego said.

The incident hits home with all of the officers and puts things into perspective.

"It makes you kind of reflect and pause," Officer Johnson said. "This type of thing can happen to not just any of the officers, but anybody. You could be going about your daily routine and you could find yourself thrust into something like this in a matter of a few seconds."

The department now shifts their attention from working a car wreck to sending their best to one of their own.

All southbound lanes of Kemp and one northbound lane were closed for about an hour while officers worked the scene.

Officers said no arrests have been made. The cause of that wreck remains under investigation.

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