Wichita Falls taking another step towards a new full service hotel

MPEC Hotel Concepts
MPEC Hotel Concepts

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Wichita Falls is one step closer to bringing a new full-service hotel downtown next to the MPEC.

Tuesday councilors passed a resolution to move forward with the design.

The next four months will now be spent working on the details of the project.

It would cost $30 million dollars, $20 million of which would be paid by Gatehouse Capital.

The other $10 million would come from the city's 4B board, not resulting in a tax increase.

Wichita Falls has seen two full-service hotels fail in the past, but Darron Leiker, the Wichita Falls City Manager, does not believe that would happen with this design.

"Because that facility is going to be located so close to MPEC, it will get more convention business," Leiker said. "We believe going forward it will have the operating revenues to keep investing in the hotel."

Leiker said there is not much the city can do by law about reopening the vacant hotels or tearing them down because they are privately owned.

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Councilors also passed two resolutions for additional parking that the hotel would take away from the MPEC.

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