Polk street burglary has changed veteran's life

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - It was a day like any other as 83-year-old Willie Wall made his way home for lunch walking from the courthouse to his home through Lucy Park. When he arrived home, his life was changed Monday afternoon.

Wall, a resident of Wichita Falls since the 1940's, found three people, two men and one woman, burglarizing his home. He chased them out yelling 'what are you doing here! What are you doing in my home?' Wall saw the burglars run out of his home and he thought they were all gone.

He said he does not know why he did that and said in those situations you have no time to react.

"When you're in a situation like that, you don't have time to be afraid, angry or be in fear," Wall said. "Those emotions come afterward."

Wall made his way back inside his home, on the 300 block of Polk street, and when he entered he was hit on the head with a brick. He was unconscious on his living room floor.

When he regained consciousness, he didn't know what happened to him until he made his way to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

"I thought 'what happened to me?' and then it started coming back," Wall said. "I finally got to the phone and dialed 9-1-1."

He suspected the person who hit him intended to end his life.

"For whatever reason, I guess God is good and I survived that attack," Wall said.

A Wichita Falls police officer took him to the emergency room at United Regional. His friend and co-worker, Judge Woody Gossom, visited him as he lied on the hospital bed. Wall has worked for the Wichita Falls Courthouse for more than 35 years. Wall is the courthouse administrative assistant.

"He looked terrible," Judge Gossom said. "He had a big goose egg under his forehead and abrasion under his left eye."

After several cat scans and medical tests, Wall was released from the hospital covered in bruises and scars Tuesday after 6 p.m.

Wall said his home was a mess as the criminals tore through his carpet and knocked down everything they could to find valuables to steal.

He said he doesn't know exactly what was stolen other than money but hopes nothing of his late wife, who passed last year, was taken.

"If they took something that was hers, I can't replace it," Wall said. "It's gone forever for me. For them, it has absolutely no value unless they can get some cash out of it."

Wall, an air force, and Vietnam veteran married his wife in Taipei City Hall, Taiwan in 1961. They met in 1959 in the Asia-Pacific country when he was deployed. They raised two children in their Polk Street home when they moved back to Wichita Falls in the 1980's.

Wall said between the Wichita County Sheriff's Office and police officers they will catch the criminals.

"I will have justice for what was somewhat brutally done to me," Wall said.

He said he still feels pain in his neck and ears which the nurses told him was caused by the brick that struck his head.

If you know who may have been involved, you are urged to call law enforcement or leave a tip with Crime Stoppers. 

Here is a link to a video released by Wichita Falls Police Department of a possible suspect involved.  

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