Hometown Pride Tour: Bowie's very own Christmas tree farm

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BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - The Newschannel 6 Hometown Pride Tour continues this week in Bowie.
While Christmas may be eight months away a Christmas tree farm in Bowie is getting those shrubs ready for your home all year.

Brushy Creek Christmas Tree Farms show that this holiday staple can be grown in north Texas.

"Water, mow, water, mow through most of the spring, summer, and into fall," farmer David Conovaloff said.

After retiring in 2001, Conovaloff planted his first trees in 2003.

"I like farming, I was raised on a farm in Arizona and enjoyed it. When I retired I knew I couldn't sit down and watch television so I had to do something," Conovaloff said.

In 2017, he is now up to three to four acres of Christmas trees where he sells 120 to 125 trees a year.

"After a couple of years, you'll have a lot of bare spots so I interplant in between. So almost every year I plant a few," Conovaloff said.

After being planted in January it takes new trees anywhere from four to six years before they are ready to be cut. Conovaloff said during that time he had to battle deer, bugs and dry periods from the north Texas weather.

"In the hotter part of the summer, I probably water them three times a week with about 2 gallons each time I water them."

Conovaloff grows five different types of trees and said people are usually lining up on opening day which is the day after Thanksgiving.

"Most of it is from Bowie but I have a lot of people come from Oklahoma, the Metroplex, and from Weatherford. All over from within 100 miles I've had people come in from," Conovaloff said.

Conovaloff had planted 50 pecan trees to add to his farm although it will be a few years before they start to produce. Behind his home, he also harvests hay and sells all year long. While Conovaloff is getting older he said he has too much fun to let it stop anytime soon.

The Newschannel 6 Hometown Pride Tour continues Thursday as Zach Holder takes us through the history and celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Chisholm Trail.

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