MSU students taking more precautions following reported sexual assault

MSU students taking more precautions following reported sexual assault

WICHITA FALLS, TX - A recent report of a sexual assault at Midwestern State University is raising awareness on campus. A female student said she walked into her dorm room and found a man she did not know waiting there.

When friends Selena Davis and Tre'vonne Bradford walk the MSU campus, they walk with confidence.

"I carry pepper spray I also have my friend with me," said Davis.

"Always have something on you that you can defend yourself with," said Bradford.

Sexual assault cases on college campuses are on the rise. Sargent Albert Jimenes with MSU Police said no one wants to see that happen to anyone.

"The stuff that somebody has to go through physically and mentally," said Jimenes. "You know I've seen a lot of students come and graduate and get to know a lot of the students so you feel bad."

Since the sexual assault report, Jenna Hering has reviewed a self-defense course to keep herself safe. She also takes other precautions especially when it comes to her dorm room.

"I usually keep my door locked," said Hering.  "Now I'm making sure I keep my door locked."

But it does not stop there.

"You always want to know your situation and you always want to find an escape route for everything," said Hering.  "Or something crazy anytime could happen so I'm usually pretty prepared for anything."

"I've never felt unsafe on this campus walking around but I feel worried for the co-ed dorms now," said Morgan Haire.

"We have a pretty safe campus in general with our police and I've called them even to just get my car keys out. You know they're very helpful so I'm not timid or afraid to call them for anything," said Hering.

Several of the students carry pepper spray like Selena Davis.

Many said they were already carrying it before the alleged incident over the weekend, but now they feel even more prepared.

April is sexual assault awareness month.

The MSU Police Department has been working with guest speakers to share with students what they need to do if put in a dangerous situation.

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