MSU community celebrates Earth Day

(Source: KAUZ)
(Source: KAUZ)

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Earth Day is April 22, but Midwestern State Students are already working hard to educate and preserve nature in our community.

On April 20, the Environmental Science Organization hosted the Earth Day Fair. The president, Jalen Mavero, says they wanted to get the word out that earth issues are still important, and there are people that still care.

"Every meeting this semester, even meetings in the previous semester has been what are we going to do for earth day," Mavero said.

They came up with the Earth Day Fair at MSU with several local groups working to preserve and educate.

"It's a really good opportunity educate everyone on just what's going on in our local area and kind of around the world, like where they're talking about the monarch march over there," GeoScience Undergraduate Jared Steger said.

Lynn Seman is a Texas Master Naturalist with the Rolling Plains Chapter, an organization that partners with Texas Parks and Wildlife and Texas Agrilife Extension Agency. They collect data and do scientific studies including the monarch watch through Wichita Falls.

"The monarch butterfly is one of the most fascinating insects," Seman said.

"They're actually dwindling because of their milkweed supply going down," Steger said.

"If no one cares about it, it could become someday extinct," Seman said.

The huge migration at the end of September coming through Wichita Falls could come to an end. Preserving the natural beauty of earth like the monarch migration is one of the reasons why students said Earth Day is important.

"Pretty much everything that goes on, on earth you know is really important for anyone that lives on it," Steger said.

"It also matters to me just because everyone in my organization including myself we're all very passionate about our planet and conserving its resources for future generations," Mavaro said

Overall Mavaro said the event was a success.

"I think what I'm appreciating the most is the networking that's happening here between the organizations, between students and organizations," Mavaro said.

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