PRCA Rodeo benefits students in FFA

IOWA PARK, TX (KAUZ) - Students that take part in Future Farmers of America in high schools across Wichita and Archer counties are gearing up for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Rodeo in Wichita Falls.

In 2016, $5,000 in scholarships were given to students in FFA.

Bailey Marrifield is a senior at Iowa Park High School and is getting ready to start college at Texas A&M University in the fall.

Even though she has only been a part of the FFA program for 2 years, she knows she wants to study Agriculture Education.

"Being in this organization and like learning a lot of the opportunities they get I just want to make that known to other kids," said Merrifield.

One way Merrifield is able to express her joy for agriculture is by taking part in various rodeos.

One of them being the PRCA Rodeo in Wichita Falls where last year she was one of 10 students to get a $500 scholarship in a calf scramble.

With that money, she was able to buy an animal for her class project which in return won her $1,200.

Beka McNerlin has been on the committee for the PRCA Rodeo for 2 years.

"We thought it would be a great idea to give them an opportunity to help those kids pursue their dreams," said McNerlin.

"It's pretty exciting that people find FFA kids important that they want to invest in us," said Merrifield.

McNerlin grew up ranching and at rodeos. She is glad to see her passion continue into future generations.

"Excited and proud of our community to see that there are kids that do care about this way of living this way of life and put in the effort to do these projects," said McNerlin.

As for Merrifield, she has one hope for this weekend.

"I hope our chapter members catch and I just hope they have fun out there in the ring," said Merrifield.  "It is a fun experience."

Archer county high schools are taking part in the PRCA Rodeo for the first time this year after the committee decided to expand outside of Wichita County.

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