Wichita Falls woman finishes Boston Marathon

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Late last year, Patti Bateman took on a challenge stretching over 26 miles.

The challenge, running her first ever full marathon.

Which just happens to be the Boston Marathon.

The furthest she had ever trained though was 18 miles, making the final 8.2 mile stretch to the finish line, uncharted territory.

But she said nothing was going to stop her from finishing.

Bateman has always had a love for running and was inspired by Kathrine Switzer, the first woman ever to run the Boston Marathon back in 1967, wearing the bib number 261

That bib number was the first ever retired by the Boston Athletic Association.

Switzer returned back to Boston after 50 years, giving Bateman the chance to run next to one of her idols.

"It was incredible because I know what she's done over the past 50 years to advance the sport and advance women's running," said Bateman.

Bateman's goal was to finish under five hours.

She said, "There was never a question I wouldn't finish but it's a challenge it was awesome."

She finished with a time of 5:03 (5 hours and 3 minutes).

During that span she said she learned something very important.

"You can't control everything and we're not meant to, but you can control your choice to either continue or to quit," said Bateman.

Bateman hopes to continue running, with her sights set on the New York City Marathon sometime in the future.

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