'Rocks in the Falls' combines social media & scavenger hunts

'Rocks in the Falls' combines social media & scavenger hunts
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WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A Wichita Falls mother and son duo have started an online scavenger hunt for painted

"We moved here in May, so (we've been here) almost a year," Nancy Trusler said.

Living recently in Memphis, Tennessee, friends of Nancy's were part of a 'rock group'
there. So she and her son Max got to thinking.

"I did some searching and there wasn't a group in Wichita Falls proper," she said. "I thought why not get it started?"

That is when 'Rocks in the Falls' was born.

"My part is that I go out and help my mom find good hiding spots for the rocks," Max
Trusler said.

Nancy and Max get together with neighbors and other family members to paint the rocks.
But the hiding and posting to social media are left up to mama and Max.

"I try to post something daily. I try to re-post people that find them and post them to Facebook or Instagram so they get their little nod that they've picked it up," Nancy

The idea is to find a 'Falls Rock' and give it a new hiding spot. Then you snap a photo and repost it with the hashtag #FallsRocks.
Rocks in the Falls is gathering a nice following. The page has 250 likes on facebook and nearly 100 on Instagram.

"I hope more people will join with it and I hope it can become one big thing that people find fun," Max said.

It is a fun project the Trusler's started for the Wichita Falls community. But it is also helping grow a relationship between mother and son.

"I have this great one-on-one time with my son which is wonderful. And if somebody picks up a rock and it makes them smile and it makes them happy that is a true blessing in my book," Nancy said.

Here is the link to the Facebook and Instagram.

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